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Get Naturally Alkaline and Sustained Water Bottled Delivery From Waiakea
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Waiakea is a prominent company which provides bottled water delivery direct to your door step. They are founded in the year 2012 as the first supplier of Hawaiian volcanic water. The water they supply through their online source is highly sustainable, healthy and has a wonderful taste.

Here are some qualities of bottled water available at Waiakea:

  • Healthy: Every bottle of volcanic water provided by Waiakea is electrolyte rich and completely healthy. As electrolytes are charged molecules that support the body and balance fluid inside it. This Waiakea water is available after volcanic filtration through thousand feet of porous volcanic rocks. This bottled water can keeps you healthy and hydrated optimally.

  • Contain minerals: Their Waiakea bottled water contains several essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, chloride etc. Their water also contain RDI of Silica, RDI refers to recommended daily intake. This can gives a uniquely soft and smooth mouth feel.

  • Highly sustainable: Waiakea offers bottled water delivery by using 100% RPET bottles which are recyclable and help to minimize carbon emissions up to 90.4%. Using sustainable packaging of recycled plastic, Waiakea supports clean and safe environment.

  • Alkaline water: They deliver bottled water with pH value between 7.6 and 8.8 that makes water alkaline in nature. They offer natural alkaline water which is more beneficial for health and allow body to utilize more minerals.

In addition to this, Waiakea is also an online source to get the best and naturally alkaline water delivery. You can get bottled water delivery at your home by just clicking SHOP at their website. This can allow you to find an online store near at you for Waiakea volcanic water. Waiakea has also a partnership with Pump Aid. Pump Aid is a comprehensive approach for safe and clean water supply in Malawi. This is a wonderful project that helps to save many lives from malnutrition and illnesses. Their goal is to serve people of Sub-Saharan Africa for over next few years with their sustained and healthy water.

For more details regarding healthy and alkaline bottled water, you can visit
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