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What to do about that wrist pain & why?
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I am a writer who grew up in the 1990s, so writing by hand is my default way of getting things done or at least get the creative juices flowing. Adapting to typing wasn’t hard for me, but I can only start thinking once I put pen to paper.

Once I took on a writing job at a newspaper 18 years ago, needless to mention, the writing work multiplied manifold. Back then however, we took pride in how much our hands would hurt at the end of the day, because it was a direct measure of how hard we had worked that day. Computers started to dominate the workplace eventually, followed by palmtops, only to be phased out completely by smartphones today. The damage though, was already done, and once it began it only multiplied.

A few months ago I found the inner part of my wrist in excruciating pain when I tried to type or made any action that involved a slight curving of the wrist. Ignoring the pain in the initial few weeks, I went on with my life dismissing it as a temporary result of heavy lifting (I had just moved houses in that week).

The Discovery

As the condition progressed, I felt not just a nagging pain but a continuous discomfort during all activities. I approached my doctor who first put me through a series of tests suspecting arthritis. Of course, the tests did not point to arthritis so I was prescribed some initial pain medication to soothe the condition, which only gave superficial results.

As the discomfort grew, I felt my mind being constantly diverted to the returning pain and found myself unable to do anything.  

After some amount of research I thought of approaching a physiotherapist in the hope that I would find some sort of advice or solution. Much to my surprise (and relief), I had knocked on the right door this time.

My physiotherapist diagnosed me with tendonitis, which is essentially caused by an inflammation, irritation or tiny tear along the tendon in a part of the body. The root cause could range between continuous strain, overload or in some cases an infection.

My condition may have been caused by continuous strain at work and worsened due to continuous damage and strain from every day chores, as we never actually stop using our wrists.

Plus, the qualified chiropractor North York take care of issues related to spine, joint and nervous system. They can help you live life to the fullest as they apply manual approach to diagnose, treat and prevent such disorders. 

My therapist over at Triangle Physiotherapy Clinic in North York, recommended a few stretches to being with and then some regular therapy which I followed religiously, as the results were visible within the first 10 days of having started it.

My faith in physiotherapy & has been reinstated, thanks to this episode and I recommend that every one consider approaching a physiotherapist when it comes to conditions that impair or o
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